Schirin Fatemi

    Born in Würzburg, Germany, Schirin Fatemi has evolved an artistic sensibility spun from many traditions. She studied in Italy at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna and in Rome, where she received her Fine Arts Diploma. Today she lives and works in Germany and in Italy. Since 2008 her work has been shown in exhibitions in Germany and abroad. Her work has been welcomed by critics and public and has been selected by several juries in various competitions. Works in public and private collections.

    The study of color, the interaction of light and space, and the relationship between nature and structure are central themes in her work. As her starting point, the artist takes the complex world that surrounds her. Concrete objects are transformed into a purely pictorial language by seeking out artistic forms hidden in the natural world and throughout our infinitely various reality. Her interest lies in seeking out the principles that underlie external appearance, and in the exploration of inner perception. Her landscapes are an expression of human creativity in the natural environment - combined works of nature and culture. Abstract elements such as color, pattern and movement move into the spotlight, dematerializing the imagery and elevating it to a different dimension.